Round Neck cashmere jumper

The round neck cashmere jumper is knitted on CIXING knit to shape machine, a brand that is based on the core technologies of intelligent knitting machinery, many of which have reached international advanced levels, and whose products are always at the forefront of the industry in terms of technology and quality. From the neckline to the hem of the garment, the knit to shape is completed by a single yarn, which is knitted into a three-dimensional

structure in one go. The machine contributes to environmental protection by not wasting yarn and optimizing the utilization rate. The entire round neck cashmere jumper has no seams and is smooth and frictionless; the lines of the garment are more in line with the human body design and fit perfectly to the skin.

The structure of the whole round neck cashmere jumper, the combination of the structural arrangement, after repeated many times to type and debug. Each design needs to be completed by repeatedly moving the needle and closing the needle, and the process is time-consuming. Thanks to the high technology of CIXING computerized flat knitting machine, the working hours have been improved.

Only high-quality raw materials can create the same sense of luxury. The worsted spinning process requires a high degree of fineness and fiber length of the raw cashmere, which likewise makes the work of the textile machinery more difficult. round neck cashmere jumper are made from the finest and longest cashmere, knitted on CIXING's knitting machines. In the end, the entire round neck cashmere jumper presents a silky, soft, and comfortable upper body effect that fits the skin and improves the wearing experience.