Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd., supported by its strength and technical reserves, has innovated the intelligent knitting technology in the light of the current situation that the sweaters industry is hard to employ and the sewing process is short of manpower. It has developed the Steiger "knit to shape" computerized flat knitting machine, overturning the knitting process of the traditional flat knitting machine and realizing the one-time forming and knitting of knitted sweaters. For the whole knitting machinery industry today, it can not only further help the majority of knitting enterprises to achieve technological transformation and upgrading, but also has positive and far-reaching significance in promoting the development of knitting machinery technology and driving the overall progress of the industry.
Knit To Shape Machine
Intelligent • Economical • Environmental protection
knit to shape sweaters weave the whole sweater in a three-dimensional way at one time, which eliminates the process of high precision in the traditional sweater production, such as mesh, cuff, and stitching, and greatly saves yarn loss and shortens the production process.
Intelligent • Economical • Environmental protection
The woolen sweater with knit to shape, without the friction of the inner seam, is more light, fit and comfortable to wear. The lines are smooth, sharp and thin, and the cutting is more suitable for women's body.

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