Round Neck Cashmere Sleeveless Jumper
- Round Neck cashmere jumper

Round Neck Cashmere Sleeveless Jumper

This round neck cashmere sleeveless jumper is classic and versatile, it is straight, silhouette design, shapely, and airy compatible.
Product Description

This round neck cashmere sleeveless jumper is classic and versatile, it is straight, silhouette design, shapely, and airy compatible.

The jumper is cozy and comfortable, and can be worn from fall and winter to early spring. This jumper can be worn alone or layered, so it's perfect for all kinds of complicated outfits. It is knitted on a STEIGER computerized flat knitting machine with the highest grade of pure cashmere yarn for a fluffy, warm feel.

The front of the jumper is designed with a symmetrical diamond lattice appliqué, while the back is a single-sided structure in a solid color. While the front is a great looker, the back is a simple, no-frills design that's much more wearable and streamlined than an entire jumper filled with graphics.

The round neck cashmere sleeveless jumper draws on the classic diamond plaid pattern to create an innovative design that has been adjusted many times over; it features an exclusive customized vintage color palette and a geometric line graphic that interacts with the sense of space in a very elegant way. Each diamond grid and line colors are based on the large body color scheme, jumper color harmony, virtual layers more varied. The novel design lightly circumvents the old-school rigidity of regular patterns.

From a structural point of view, it uses a round neck 2*1 rib weaving, and the overall shape is three-dimensional. Shows slender neck. At the same time, it is easy to put on and take off without any restriction on the neck. In autumn and winter, it can be worn as an inner layer, paired with shirts, turtleneck jumpers, etc. to create a fashionable layer. The rotator cuff ratio has been adjusted many times, and the advantageous sloping back shoulder design makes it look slimmer and can be controlled by any body type. The long-sleeved design visually lengthens the proportions of the human body and makes the arms more slender. The sleeves are loose and can be layered to expose the collar, adding layering to the mix; Ribs at the sleeve, making it durable and non-deformable.

This round neck cashmere sleeveless jumper is luxuriously knitted with pure cashmere yarn, selected from the highest grade of cashmere yarn. The yarn is extremely delicate and skin-friendly, softer and warmer. Surface micro-velvet feeling delicate skin-friendly, with ordinary cashmere can not be compared to the high-grade texture. Comfortable and warm without oppression, the garment is firm and shapely, draping sense of spontaneity and advanced. The heavyweight, extremely fine 100% pure cashmere yarn is the same yarn loved by luxury brands, with long fibers, good toughness, and no easy pilling. The entire garment is woven on a special STEIGER machine, which is very yarn intensive and time consuming. The ultra-fine pile on the surface of the yarn is soft and healing, with a skin-friendly softness that is unmatched by ordinary cashmere, and a lightness and comfort that makes it suitable for spring, fall and winter. The high cost of high quality round neck cashmere sleeveless jumper with softness and stiffness. The yarn used in this jumper is difficult to dye, and it is a very elegant color. It's a classic color from the runway, with a neutral tone.

This solid color round neck cashmere sleeveless jumper has a pure texture, rich color mixing layers, and a full texture on the body, which can be used for multi-seasonal warmth, and is fashionable to be worn casually.

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