Round Neck Cosy Cashmere Jumper
- Round Neck cashmere jumper

Round Neck Cosy Cashmere Jumper

This round neck cosy cashmere jumper, woven on the CIXING knit to shape ultra-fine 18G computerized flat knitting machine, is a classic style that many brands release every year and is a favorite in the fashion world.
Product Description

This round neck cosy cashmere jumper, woven on the CIXING knit to shape ultra-fine 18G computerized flat knitting machine, is a classic style that many brands release every year and is a favorite in the fashion world.

The jumper is shaped for warmth and versatility, and is fashionable and long-lasting. The quality stands the test of time and can be worn throughout the fall and winter. The classic round neckline is easy to wear underneath or out, and creates a relaxed atmosphere. The combination of top quality cashmere yarn and CIXING machine: 48 count worsted cashmere, warm and cozy on the body, with a slim fit. The extremely fine 18G seamless weave is designed to provide the highest level of skin comfort.

This jumper is made with a superbly knitted silhouette to create a slightly slimmer overall shape, visually presenting a sense of line and space. The overall round neck cosy cashmere jumper is a long and slender H shape, in line with the human body curve. Slim and comfortable, shapely, thin, can skillfully hide the body short board. The structure of the jumper has smooth lines, avoiding the dragging and bloating of conventional knitting, leaving a comfortable space between the skin and the body.

The round neck cosy cashmere jumper uses knit to shape seamless technology to create a 360° pressure-free wrap. The entire jumper is knit seamlessly from neckline to hem. Extremely fine 1X1 drawstring ribbing for a more delicate, skin-friendly fit. The jumper has no broken threads, no seams or stitching inside or out, and is lighter and more fitted than ordinary knitwear.

The jumper does not stick to the flesh at all when worn close to the body, making it a better experience from the inside out. The upper body has a more overall sense of drape, extraordinarily delicate; colleagues can stretch freely, with an unparalleled sense of comfort.

The neckline of the jumper has been adjusted over and over again, resulting in a more refined classic round neckline. The opening of the collar is well-positioned, casual, and shows the length of the neck. The neckline is made of one-sided rolled edge and ultra-fine air-turned edge, which is exquisite and quite broad and shapely at the same time. Higher requirements for craftsmanship, easy to shape three-dimensional beauty, the entire collar is very clean and very texture. The neckline is very soft and comfortable.

The shoulder design has gone through many refinements and revisions, finally presenting a saddle shoulder shape, which is a classic element of 90S, and also a shoulder design loved by countless luxury brands for high fashion. This is a time-consuming process. However, it highlights the right-angle shoulder line on the upper body, which emphasizes the temperament.

The sleeves are specially lengthened to take the essence of ROW. The sleeve at the wrist presents a fashionable effect, visually lengthened than the column, showing the arm slim bone. When you wear it alone, it is slimming, handsome and casual; when you layer it with other items and expose the cuffs, it looks fashionable and layered, advanced and versatile. The cuffs and hem tightening process and the addition of reinforcement silk, making the hem three-dimensional and elastic, not easy to deform, the silhouette is more flattering, advanced and rich in overall sense.

The back is specially made with one-sided drawstring details, forming a straight back seam line, straight and smooth, sharp and sinewy, making every wearer look straight and thin; at the same time, it enhances the three-dimensionality of the structure, making the back of the round neck cosy cashmere jumper more interesting.

The back of the shoulders and back of many places to do the needle processing, perfect connection of the jumper everywhere, CIXING machine stitching delicate, so that the jumper has a sense of structure.

This jumper is made of 48-count worsted cashmere with high count and high density, which is thicker and warmer and locks in warmth. At the same time, it effectively prevents transparency and makes you feel more at ease when wearing it. The round neck cosy cashmere jumper is made of extremely fine 18G, giving it a lightweight and comfortable feel. The surface of the jumper has a high-grade velvet feel and the texture is fine and even. The upper body is comfortable and lightweight, making it easy to wear in a variety of occasions.

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