Oversized crew neck cashmere jumper
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Oversized crew neck cashmere jumper

This sleek and minimalist silhouette oversized crew neck cashmere jumper with all kinds of details carries a different sense of fashion, knitted with heavy weight yarns that pulls in warmth and ambiance on the top.
Product Description

This sleek and minimalist silhouette oversized crew neck cashmere jumper with all kinds of details carries a different sense of fashion, knitted with heavy weight yarns that pulls in warmth and ambiance on the top. A must-have classic silhouette jumper for the winter season, it's super accommodating, able to manage multiple occasions without stress, and boasts an unshakeable fashion status. This classic relaxed minimalist jumper is knitted using heavy duty weaving and cixing computerized flat knitting machines to bring a new dimension to the garment. The loose, weighty silhouette is complemented by a soft, slouchy cashmere yarn that's easy to work with in sophisticated styles. Heavyweight cashmere yarns, woven in high grammage, give double top enjoyment from sight to touch. Warmth and cloud-like softness of the body all in one, easy to unlock the modern multi-color style. Every color of the yarn is suitable for fall and winter, and it is easy to brighten up the outfit of the day with a classic, but not overly designed silhouette oversized crew neck cashmere jumper.

This oversized crew neck cashmere jumper adopts the inverted T silhouette design, the use of thick needle 5G, single-sided knitting method for many times to adjust just to achieve the perfect slightly loose inverted T shape. Three-dimensional silhouette more meat, combined with the presentation of the natural drape, making the jumper texture firm and not easy to deform, even if the loose silhouette does not appear bloated. Falling shoulder design skillfully weaken the thickness of the shoulder, the wearer's body has no limitations, regardless of broad shoulders, narrow shoulders are suitable for wearing this casual jumper. The round neck is made of 1X1 double-layer ribbed weaving, thickening the neckline, making the neckline full and three-dimensional, easy to age, and show a smaller face. The collar is comfortable and easy to put on and take off, leaving space for the inner wear, and the whole collar is very clean and highly textured. The inside is clean and smooth to show a sense of seniority, stacking shirts when revealing the inside of the collar edge, more fashionable. The slightly curved hemline combined with the ribbed needle design, which has been reworked and adjusted over and over again, makes the oversized crew neck cashmere jumper converge on the body shape without constricting the waist. Unique and very interesting design lines, youthful, thin, layered, so that the fashion model of the jumper sense of seniority is just right.

Two wide lazy silhouette sleeve, on the body more three-dimensional. Shape sleeve cage curvature has been adjusted many times, the overall shape is more full, but also increase the amount of sleeve activity. Perfectly restore the very simple style of fashion modeling sense, on the body effect is more handsome, can be elegant and handsome. The needlework in different areas of the body is carefully designed, and each has its own beauty and delicacy. The collar, with the help of floral stitches, enhances the backbone and broadness of the collar; the floral stitches on the sleeve cage and back shoulder slope skillfully modify the shoulder shape. The cuffs, hem and collar of the jumper are echoed by the exquisite ribbing, and the stitching is tight and three-dimensional, which has both a sense of shape and a slimming effect, and also makes the edges of the jumper more flat and advanced and not easy to be deformed.

Raw material selection of the highest grade of white cashmere in Inner Mongolia, through the advanced full set of spinning equipment and technology, so that the yarn texture is delicate and even, the garment bone feel shaped. The upper body is soft and delicate, and the sunlight can be seen just the right fluffy plush feeling. High-grade cashmere has superior fluffiness and resilience, and has a lightness and lightness that ordinary cashmere yarns cannot achieve. It is soft and skin-friendly, elastic and wrinkle-resistant, and will not lose the feeling of sinew or collapse. Unlike ordinary yarns, this warm, soft oversized crew neck cashmere jumper can be worn for three seasons into early spring.

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