Looking into the future of knitting. Cixing helps the knitting industry technology development


Looking forward to new opportunities in computerized flat knitting machine industry. Cixing will contribute our strength as the pioneer of computerized flat knitting machine in China and contribute to the development of computerized flat knitting machine industry. Let's create the future together!

Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd. is the world's largest supplier of intelligent knitting machinery and the only listed company in China's computerized flat knitting machine industry. We have cutting-edge intelligent knitting machinery core technology, a number of technologies to reach the international advanced level. Our products always maintain industry-leading quality and technical standards. With continuous technological innovation, excellent product quality, strong brand image, perfect service system, over the years to achieve steady growth, is committed to competitive prices to provide customers with high quality products and satisfactory service.

As a key equipment in the knitwear industry, computerized flat knitting machine plays an important role in knitting wool knitted fabrics with complex pattern structure. It is mainly used in the manufacture of sweaters, shoes and hats, household textiles and industrial textiles and other fields. Its advantages lie in rich weave pattern organization, forming weave, high production efficiency and high product grade. Since the development of traditional manual flat knitting machines, the market pattern has changed from the development of international enterprises to the rapid growth of domestic enterprises. With the continuous evolution and development of downstream industries and the continuous improvement of equipment level, the future computerized flat knitting machines will usher in a broader space.

New opportunities for the future development of computerized flat knitting machine industry

1. Upgrading of industry stock:

Sweater clothing has been favored by consumers, for computerized flat knitting machine production equipment, the traditional equipment usually needs to be replaced after 5 to 8 years. With the aging of equipment, China's huge stock of flat knitting machines will provide a long-term and stable market space for China's computerized flat knitting machines. At the same time, China's computerized flat knitting machine products will continue to strengthen independent innovation to improve product performance, and technological progress will speed up the pace of equipment replacement in knitting enterprises. According to statistics, China's computerized flat knitting machine market around 2010, 2017 around the sales peak, according to the equipment renewal cycle and growth rate conservative estimates, domestic computerized flat knitting machine will usher in the peak of replacement demand around 2025.

2. Further increase in overseas demand:

With the development and change of international environment and industrial situation, more and more brands have put forward new requirements for origin. In recent years, the new equipment in the international traditional market has continued to increase, and more countries and regions close to the terminal consumer market will also emerge more new market space. With the advantages of comprehensive functions and high cost performance, China's computerized flat knitting machine will usher in a broader development space.

3. Seamlessly weave a Sustainable future:

The seamless forming technology eliminates the last cutting and stitching process and greatly simplifies the process flow. This technology has been developed and improved since the 1990s, and has been promoted globally in deep cooperation with many big companies in recent years. Domestic flat knitting machine manufacturing enterprises continue to overcome the full forming technology, once the full forming technology is fully mature, the computer knitting machine industry will usher in a new round of industrial technology revolution, flat knitting machine sales will once again usher in a sales peak. It is expected that the Cixing Knit To Shape machine can knit a more sustainable future for the sweater industry.