T​he National Professional Standards Expert Review Meeting was successfully held in Cixing


On March 18-19, 2024, the expert review meeting for the National Occupational Standards for Knitting and Splicing Workers was successfully held in Cixing. More than 30 people attended the meeting, including leaders from the China Employment Training Technical Guidance Center, the China Textile Industry Federation, the Textile Industry Vocational Skills Appraisal Guidance Center, the China Fashion Color Association, members of the standard review expert group, representatives of drafting units, and customer representatives. Li Lijun, Deputy General Manager of Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd., delivered a welcome speech and briefly introduced the relevant situation of the company's development. Xu Weidong, Deputy General Manager of Technology, and relevant R&D technical personnel attended the meeting.

The meeting was chaired by Qian Hongpu from the China Textile Industry Vocational Skills Appraisal and Guidance Center, and Director Li Ke from the Occupational Classification and Standard Development Department of the China Employment Training Technical Guidance Center attended to guide the standard review work.

During the period, the attending representatives had a lively discussion and careful review of the standard clauses (preliminary draft), proposed relevant revision suggestions, improved the relevant clauses and content, and after expert questioning, the standard review opinions were unanimously formed at the meeting.

Developing and formulating national vocational standards plays a positive and important role in improving the quality of workers, guiding vocational education and training, promoting the construction of vocational qualification certificate systems, and promoting employment and labor market construction.

The drafting of the National Occupational Standards for Knitting and Splicing Workers is another national level occupational skill appraisal standard in the Computerized Flat Knitting Machine Industry, following the National Occupational Standards for Flat Knitting Workers. It is aimed at better aligning with the development of the industry and cultivating highly skilled talents who can adapt to seamless sweater weaving. The seamless sweater weaving process poses higher professional ethics requirements for relevant practitioners. Seamless sweater technology can simultaneously complete the weaving of the entire garment, presenting it directly to customers in a three-dimensional manner, eliminating expensive and time-consuming post-processing procedures, and achieving true 3D knit organization, resulting in higher production efficiency and more perfect products. Seamless sweater technology has become the main development direction of the knitting industry.

The high-end seamless sweater computerized flat knitting machine developed by Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd. has been recognized as the first set of equipment in China, greatly improving the automation and intelligence level of the product and promoting technological progress in the knitting industry.

To adapt to the new trend of intelligent manufacturing and smart factories, Cixing is growing from a simple equipment manufacturer to a manufacturing service provider, integrating hardware products into overall solutions to help customers improve quality and efficiency. In addition to providing customers with cost-effective computerized flat knitting machine products, the company also provides integrated knitting digital factory design and planning services for industry leading customers.

Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd. has always attached great importance to the training of technical and skilled personnel for customers. The company has established a Cixing Training School with over 20 professional teachers. Since its establishment in 2005, Cixing Training School has established 12 regular classes, with an average annual training population of 2000 people. It has trained a group of excellent machine repair and plate making technicians for customers, totaling 45500 people. Cixing Training School focuses on innovative teaching, and provides customized training content and solutions to meet the personalized training needs of customers in the Internet era, such as remote online training, short-term booking offline training, etc. After the training, the teaching teachers of each project can also provide continuous remote technical support and consulting services to help customers solve problems encountered during use.

The review meeting of the National Occupational Standards for Knitting and Splicing Workers was held in Cixing, which is also a full affirmation of Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd. by the superior department and industry, further interpreting the development concept of "mastering core technology and leading industry development" of Cixing, and contributing to the healthy and stable development of Chinese Computerized flat knitting machine industry.