Cixing has attained a leading position in the industry


Cixing Computerized flat knitting machines complete the automated weaving process from yarn to finished knitwear, catering to both customized and mass production needs, serving as the primary production equipment for knitwear. Meanwhile, fully automatic computerized flat knitting machines serve as intelligent alternatives to traditional knitwear production, not only reducing labor costs and enhancing efficiency but also increasing product value and achieving zero-pollution emissions, making them a natural choice for industrial upgrading.

Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd. is a leading company in the field of knitting machinery, with remarkable achievements. Specializing in the research, development, production, and sales of computerized flat knitting machine, aiming to enhance the level of knitting machinery in China, promote the development of knitting technology, and upgrade the industry.

Guided by a philosophy of continuous innovation, Cixing consistently lead the industry's development. At the same time, continue to focus on the field of computerized flat knitting machines, increasing investment in technology, and improving product quality and performance. Additionally, constantly strengthen international cooperation, expand overseas markets, and contribute to the global advancement of China's knitting machinery industry.

The company's Marketing Department Manager explains that the  Cixing 's products utilize digital technology to achieve various knitting functions, such as tucking, transfer, plating, inlaying, jacquard, embroidery, and other pattern weaving functions. These machines are capable of weaving various knitted fabrics and patterns, suitable for producing knitwear, scarves, hats, and clothing accessories using materials such as silk, satin, synthetic fibers, wool, acrylic, blended yarns, etc.

The HP, NEW HP, STG, and CX fully automatic computerized flat knitting machines have been selling well globally. Additionally, the company's independently developed new pure automatic computerized flat knitting machines (such as STG-W, STG-X, etc.) are continuously maturing, injecting greater momentum into the production of knitwear products and the development of the textile industry.

Cixing fully computerized flat knitting machines, driven by continuous technological innovation and outstanding product quality, have rapidly developed and attained a leading position, significantly promoting the capability enhancement of traditional knitting enterprises. Simultaneously, they offer possibilities for a wide range of customers to purchase high-end knitting equipment.

In the future, the development plans of Cixing include further expanding production scale, optimizing product structure, enhancing technological innovation capabilities, strengthening brand building, and achieving more sustainable, and stable growth. Remaining committed to our original aspirations, forging ahead, striving to become a leading enterprise in the industry, and providing customers with higher quality products and services, thus making greater contributions to the industry's development.