Textile Machine

Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd (stock code:300307) is the world's largest supplier of intelligent knitting machinery, and the national high-tech enterprise that is committed to improve the level of China's knitting machinery technology, promote the development of knitting technology progress, and realize knitting industry upgrading. Cixing has made great contributions to the Textile Machine industry. At present, it is the largest flat knitting machine manufacturer in China.

Cixing shares were successfully listed in 2012. It is the only listed company in the computerized flat knitting machine industry in China, and Cixing has many advanced patents, of which, a number of technologies to reach the international advanced level, the level of product technology and quality has always maintained the forefront of the industry. Cixing shares have more than 10 subsidiaries, the innovative R&D products including computerized flat knitting machine, Intelligent Flat Knitting Machine, fully automatic stitching system, automatic ironing machine, industrial robot, Cixing is a representative enterprise of China's Textile Machine.

Cixing Group, the world's largest manufacturer of Textile Machine. At present, the market has occupied the first place in the world for many years. Every year we sell tens of thousands of computer flat knitting machines to countries all over the world. We have a very professional training, after-sales, service and other teams will serve for customer, can solve all the difficulties in the field of computer flat knitting machine. With its advantages in technology, product performance and price, Cixing computerized flat knitting machine has developed steadily in the overseas market. The comprehensive promotion and sales of Cixing Textile Machine in the overseas market marks that the industrial manufacturing equipment that has entered the international market with its brand has the chips to compete with international brands.