Textile Knitting Machine

Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd (stock code:300307) is the world's largest supplier of intelligent Textile Knitting Machine, and the national high-tech enterprise that is committed to improve the level of China's knitting machinery technology, Promote the development of knitting technology progress, and realize knitting industry upgrading. Cixing has made great contributions to the Textile Knitting Machine industry. At present, it is the largest flat knitting machine manufacturer in China.

Cixing based on independent innovation and caring service, guided by the continuous development and change of market demand, Cixing made a wholly-owned acquisition on the top three global computer Textile Knitting Machine. In 2010, Switzerland Steiger, forming the innovation mechanism of “Independent research and development oriented, cooperative research and development, supplemented by global technology integration", based on strong R &D strength and continuous technological innovation, as of now, Cixing have gained more than 1000 national patents, 108 national invention patents, 7 international monopoly, and 10 software copyright.

Steiger once again, it refreshes all. Cixing has refreshed the Textile Knitting Machine industry. Cixing's computerized flat knitting machine has auto-oiling, motorized yarn feeder, motorized conversion bar, infrared safe door, intelligent threading board and other functions.