Cixing Launches Next-Generation Knit To Shape Flat Knitting Machine, Leading in a New Era in Textiles


After years of dedicated research and extensive testing, the Cixing team has successfully launched the next-generation multi-needle, multifunctional Steiger knit to shape flat knitting machine—the KS Four-Generation Knit to Shape 7.2 Gauge Machine. This revolutionary equipment aims to inject new momentum into the transformation and upgrading of the knitting industry.

The KS3-72SS-IV knit to shape flat knitting machine uses a new single roller traction device and it has shovel needle function, it can meet most of the production needs, making it economical and affordable.

Here are some highlights of the machine:

High-Efficiency Knit To Shape Technology

The KS Four-Generation Knit To Shape Flat Knitting Machine features an advanced Steiger system that operates smoothly and boasts powerful functions, achieving the breakthrough of directly knitting yarn into garments without the need for cumbersome post-processing steps. This not only significantly improves production efficiency but also greatly reduces yarn waste, minimizing environmental pollution and supporting the sustainable development of the textile industry.

Versatile Design

This Knit To Shape Flat Knitting Machine is equipped with a variety of functions to meet the production needs of different industries, including apparel, home textiles, and more, fully adapting to diverse market demands.

Automated Production

The multifunctional integrated shaping equipment utilizes state-of-the-art automation control systems, supporting unattended operation and real-time remote monitoring. This allows for timely detection and resolution of production issues, thereby enhancing production efficiency and reducing labor resource waste.

Flexible Multi-Needle Design

The machine employs cutting-edge knitting technology to achieve high-speed, high-precision production, significantly enhancing product quality. Its precision control system and high-quality raw materials ensure product consistency and stability. Suitable for various fabrics and styles, this equipment can produce standard 14-gauge and 12-gauge pieces, effortlessly handle the production of 7-gauge and 9-gauge integrated garments, even separation needles can achieve basic fabric weaving patterns such as 7-gauge, 9-gauge, four-flat needle ,and jacquard weaving, fulfill diverse production needs, making it highly competitive in the market.

High Cost-Effectiveness

The KS Four-Generation Knit To Shape Flat Knitting Machine is not only powerful but also competitively priced, making it an ideal choice for textile enterprises seeking efficient production and enhanced market competitiveness.

Cixing team remains committed to technological innovation, continuously introducing more efficient and environmentally friendly textile equipment to contribute to the sustained development of the industry.