Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd. and Puyuan join forces again - jointly develop the emerging industry of "outdoor sports knitting"


Ski suits, yoga suits, outdoor suits... Entering the venue of the China Puyuan Sports Knitting Industry Innovation and Development Promotion Center, the sports knitting products with futuristic elements are refreshing.These sports knitted products are all made by Cixing computerized flat knitting machines.

In recent years, with the growing development of the outdoor sports industry, Puyuan has set its sights on the emerging industry of "outdoor sports knitting". When laying out the new track, Puyuan and Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd. join forces again.

Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier in the production of computerized flat knitting machine in the world, with the largest market share in the country. It has a large customer base in Puyuan and has a technical service team stationed in Puyuan all year round.

"Cixing's largest customer base is in Puyuan, and the knit to shape machines and digital factory systems have been well applied here." Pan Jiyan, product design director of Cixing, told reporters. Puyuan and Cixing are both facing the problem of transformation and upgrading of traditional knitting, and the dream of sports knitting coincides.

At the end of last year, Puyuan and Cixing signed a strategic cooperation agreement; in March this year, the Cixing Digital Knitting Research Institute project started construction and is expected to be officially operational in August.

"Sports knitting will become a new growth pole for the development of Puyuan knitting." Pan Jiyan said. Cixing has moved almost the entire R&D team to Puyuan this time, and is promoting yarn R&D, product design, and new material industry-university-research cooperation. After all the personnel are in place, it is expected that the number of R&D and design talents will reach more than 180.

At the same time, Puyuan has made efforts in building platforms, gathering talents, and promoting exchanges. In May of this year, the Puyuan Sports Knitting Industry Innovation and Development Promotion Center was unveiled. The center has absorbed many leading companies in the Yangtze River Delta in the fields of material R&D, equipment development, digital design, and brand promotion, and promoted the sports knitting industry to make new breakthroughs in technological innovation, brand building, and market expansion.

Cixing and "POP Shejie" are both core members of the center. We have rich designer resources and authoritative fashion trend institutions, which will help Puyuan become an industry leader in sports knitting products.