Significant Development of Digital Industrial Knitting Machines in the Textile and Clothing Industry in 2024


Digitization should be seen as an ongoing journey, not the ultimate destination. With the continuous development of technology, potential, and expectations, our requirements for digital manufacturing are also constantly increasing.

The digital outlook for 2024 seems optimistic, and discussions on this topic have been lively at important industry events such as the Techtextil/Techprocess held from April 23rd to 26th and the Heimtextil held from January 9th to 12th, 2024. At the opening press conference of Heimtextil, an application was showcased as an artificial intelligence (AI) design tool for the household textile market.

Digitization is also one of the highlights at the Techtextil/Techprocess exhibition. At the press conference of the Technology Textile and Machinery Exhibition, a representative said, "Digitization has greatly promoted the development of the textile industry. Not only can it improve the efficiency of production and processing procedures, but smart products can also create new added value."

At the press conference, Elgar Straub, General Manager of VDMA Textile Care, Fabric and Leather Technology, also explained, "The constantly changing consumer and legislative requirements, as well as labor shortages and more difficult trade conditions caused by geopolitical changes, continue to bring new challenges to clothing manufacturers and industrial textile processors."

There is a close connection between Cixing's industrial knitting machine and the digital development of the textile and clothing industry. Textile material processing machines, systems, and process manufacturers provide necessary solutions. By digitizing and automating to improve flexibility, sustainability, quality, and product potential, we assist customers in production while ensuring the promotion of innovation. Cixing Industrial Knitting Machine adopts digital technology in technology, which not only improves the weaving efficiency and accuracy of the flat knitting machine, but also meets the diversified and personalized needs of the textile and clothing industry.

Cixing Industrial Knitting Machine has driven the digitalization of the supply chain in the textile and clothing industry. By building a digital supply chain platform, digital collaboration and management of suppliers, factories, logistics and other links have been achieved. This not only improves the efficiency and response speed of the entire supply chain, but also reduces inventory and operating costs.

In 2024, digitalization will continue to be a key area for innovation and investment in the entire textile and clothing value chain, especially considering the challenges facing the future - sustained financial crisis, sustainable development needs, and constantly changing geopolitical landscape. Cixing will have significant development in digitalizing industrial knitting machines in the textile and clothing industry.