Cixing, Open a new chapter in knitting fashion


After several years of precipitation, flyknit shoes have risen again and become a representative of fashion and comfort. Cixing Group, as a leader in the flat knitting machine industry, is committed to helping shoe factories develop more innovative and high-quality new products of flyknit shoes by developing a new flat knitting machine SF3-52S- 18G and 22G.

The introduction of 18G 22G flat knitting upper machine provides a more efficient and accurate solution for the production of flyknit shoes. These advanced devices can precisely control the density, texture and elasticity of the fabric, making the flyknit shoes more in line with modern aesthetic and wearing needs while maintaining the original advantages of light, breathable and comfortable. Through the application of computerized flat knitting machine, the shoe upper factory can more quickly produce more diversified and personalized flyknit shoes products to meet the needs of different consumers.

This technological innovation of Cixing Group not only reflects its in-depth insight into the flyknit shoes market, but also shows its positive attitude in technological innovation and industrial upgrading. This consumer-centric, market demand-oriented business philosophy makes Cixing Group more advantageous in the competition of the flyknit shoes market.

In the future, with the continuous improvement of consumers' pursuit of a healthy and comfortable life, the flyknit shoes market will continue to expand. Cixing Group will continue to work closely with the shoe upper factory to promote the further development of the flyknit shoes market through technological innovation and industrial upgrading. We have reason to believe that with the joint efforts of Cixing Group and other enterprises, flyknit shoes will occupy a more important position in the future footwear market, bringing more high-quality and personalized choices to consumers.