Computerized Flat Knitting Machine

Cixing Group, the world's largest manufacturer of Computerized flat knitting Machine.
At present, the market has occupied the first place in the world for many years. Every year Cixing sell tens of thousands of Computerized flat knitting Machine to countries all over the world. Cixing and Steiger Computerized flat knitting Machine are the best choice with complete functions, low price, small floor space, and high price performance.

Cixing based on independent innovation and caring service, guided by the continuous development and change of market demand, Cixing made a wholly-owned acquisition on the top three global Computerized flat knitting Machine in 2010, Switzerland Steiger, forming the innovation mechanism of “Independent research and development oriented, cooperative research and development, supplemented by global technology integration", based on strong R &D strength and continuous technological innovation, as of now, Cixing shares have gained more than 1000 national patents, 108national invention patents,7 international monopoly, and10 software copyright.

Cixing Computerized flat knitting Machine no waste yarn to knit the fabric bottom, save the machine knitting waste yarn time, reduces the workload of employees. It greatly reduces the enterprise cost. The main yam lead is equipped with a yarn pressing device, so the main yarn lead wire is short, which saves the main yarn and reduces the phenomenon of poor doth dropping and fabric winding caused by the long lead head. Cixing Intelligent Computerized flat knitting Machine servo closed-loop control is used to accurately control the pulling of the comb, it solve the two different density problems which caused by rib fabric pulling by comb and pulling by roller.