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This KS3-60MC-II Automatic Knitting Machine is manufactured by Cixing Group. Cixing Group is a listed company in the computerized flat knitting machine industry, with more than ten subsidiaries. Its innovative products include knit to shape Automatic Knitting Machine, intelligent sweater flat knitting machines, intelligent shoe upper flat knitting machines, automated shoe making assembly lines, automatic ironing machines, etc.
Product Description


Automatic Knitting Machine is equipped with four needle bed, yarn storage device, intelligent motorized yarn feeders, flexible traction device, comb and other new one-line forming technologies. It adopts industry-leading STEIGER system, using intelligent pulling system to realize the complex and diversified pattern. The application of one-line garment technology can eliminate the complex processes such as linking and sewing up to create more benefits for customers.
With the application of motorized yarn feeder technology, 16 motorized yarn feeders are independently controlled by the machine system, which can move freely in the horizontal direction, so that the yarn feeders can be accurately positioned and fed synchronously, reduce the carriage empty courses, can be easily realize the special organization patterns such as intarsia, reverse inlay, weft lining, hollow knitting, etc., and increase the flexibility and diversification of the knit to shape patterns.


Thoughtful technology
A good machine must have distinguished technology, so does Steiger. Its looping formation quality, even for the very friable yarns, will be also capable to meet the requirements of fabric on bulk density or compactness. The free needle pitch allows you to choose different ones on the same machines according to the change of seasons.

Smoother operation
The display displays various knitting information and parameters, and visualizations in actual knitting process. Display knitting process: you can view the carriage mechanical's working status and actual position and the quantity already woven. In addition, the working parameters such as stitch, speed, tension and so on can be adjusted at any time when the machine is running, which facilitates the operation and saves time to maximum extent.

Product Parameter of the KS3-60MC-Ⅱ

Machine type KS3-60MC-Ⅱ
Gauge 18
Knitting system Single carriage with triple systems
Knitting width Variable stroke. Max 60 inches.
Knitting speed Max 1.6m/sec.(Knitting speed varies according to yarn, gauge and other knitting conditions, speed can be adjusted in multiple sections)
Stitch density 200 levels.
Racking Motor-driven racking, the max width of racking are 2 inches.
Transfer It can transfer needle forward and backward and split needles at the same time, not controlled by the carriage direction.
Stitch presser Motor-driven
Needle selection Electromagnet direct selection.
Yarn cutter Single-unit system includes 1 yarn cutter, 2 yarn grippers and air blowing device. Both sides standard.
Yarn storage device 3 for left and 3 for right,4 for optional.
Pulling device Flexible pulling, comb and lower roller take down are coordinated.
Side tensions 12 on each side.
Yarn feeders Each 8 lift able yarn feeders on the left and right sides of the yarn rod frame.
Top tensions 24 units. Easy threading. Large knots cause machine stop. Small knots cause 0-99 courses at specified knot detection speed, then automatically resume at set speed.
Automatic refueling device The system controls the oil pump to work and automatically refuels the needles within the set time.
Automatic dust collector The system controls the operation of the suction pump and automatically vacuums the needle plate's jaw area within the set time.
Stop motion Yarn break, large knot, fabric pileup, shock detection, piece count, over-torque, program error, etc.
Drive system Belt drive.AC servo motor.
Safety devices Full safety cover for noise-suppression and dust-proofing with stop motion sensor and interlock mechanism. Emergency stop switch. Emergency power off device.
Operation lamp Green/normal operation. Flashing green/normal stop. Red/abnormal stop.
Data input USB storage interface; Ethernet interface
Control unit Built-in control box; 10.4-inch capacitance full touch screen, supporting multiple languages.
Back-up power Power supply for resuming knitting after power failure.
Power supply Voltage:AC220V/380V, frequency:50HZ/60HZ, power:1.5KW

Product Details of the KS3-60MC-Ⅱ

  • Display

    10.4 inch LCD colorful touch display is adopted. We can see graphical interface, through the screen check page to view the working status and actual working position of the carriage cam; and adjust at any time when the machine is running, to maximize the convenience of operation.

  • Yarn Storage

    The brushless DC motor is controlled by microprocessor, the yarn storage is detected by sensor, and the motor speed is adjusted according to the yarn usage to ensure no winding. The magnetic tension device at the yarn outlet ensures the yarn output resistance.

  • Four Needle Plates

    Equipped with 4 fully formed needle beds, its structure is to add 2 needle beds to the previous V-shaped needle beds. By making full use of these four needle beds, the functions of sending needles, receiving, add needles and bind off needles for all kinds of double-sided fabrics are realized, and the unprecedented advantage of transfer needles is achieved. Various patterns and styles can be knitted.

  • Motorized Yarn Feeders

    16 yarn feeders can move freely and horizontally with lifting function (4 of them are mechanical lifting; 12 of them are pneumatic lifting). The motorized yarn feeders get rid of the bondage of the carriage, and controlled by accurate feedback of the encoder to make the yarn feeders parking more accurate. With the system's independent control, the yarn feeders enter the knitting area to complete accurate positioning and synchronous yarn feeding, which can reduce the empty course of the carriage, improve the knitting efficiency, and realize some specific pattern knitting.

What is the system of Knit to shape machine? Can it be compatible with programming software such as Hengqiang or Logica?

Model Plus is incompatible with Hengqiang and logica programming software on ordinary machines.
However, Model Plus is compatible with the Knit to shape machine of Hengqiang system or Logica system, that is, the design pattern of Model Plus can be woven on the Knit to shape machine of Hengqiang system or Logica system.

About cixing

Cixing Co., Ltd., which was successfully listed in 2012, is an enterprise with independent research and development and continuous technological innovation capabilities in the intelligent knitting machinery industry. It is the drafting unit of two national industrial standards for Automatic Knitting Machine, and master the core technology of intelligent knitting machinery.
Cixing manufacturers has many advanced patents, several technologies have reached the international advanced level. The quality and technical level of the products are always at the forefront of the computerized flat knitting machine industry. Over the years, Cixing's Automatic Knitting Machine has received high praise from customers. Not only is it highly praised domestically, but it is also very popular abroad!


Production Process
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