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Cixing Wool Textile Knitting Machine CX2-52EC has a variety of beautiful patterns, including cable, swelling,structure,intarsia ,pointel,structure, and plate, etc. Cixing Group is an enterprise with independent research and development and continuous technological innovation in the intelligent knitting machinery industry. It’s the drafting unit of two national knitting machine industry standards in China, mastering the core technology of intelligent knitting machinery.
Product Description

About Cixing

Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1988. After 30 years of entrepreneurship, Cixing Co., Ltd. aims to promote industrial development and change and create customer value, and has developed into an Wool Textile Knitting Machine manufacturer of a certain scale; The leader of China's Wool Textile Knitting Machine ready to wear equipment industry, breaking the international monopoly, is one of the first enterprises in China with the R&D and production capacity of Wool Textile Knitting Machine, intelligent vamp machines, full-automatic sewing machines, and fully formed computerized flat knitting machines; It has more than 1500 national patents and 128 national invention patents.

Cixing Wool Textile Knitting Machine CX2-52EC has a variety of beautiful patterns, including cable, swelling, structure, intarsia, pointel, structure, and plate, etc.

Basic Parameter

CX2-52 Series 7G 12G 14G 16G
Basic Parameters ●Standard○Optional—Nothing
Control System HengQiang HengQiang HengQiang HengQiang
Raynen Raynen Raynen Raynen
Knitting System Double System Double System Double System Double System
Motorized Carriage
Machine Speed (m/ sec) 1.6 1.6 1.6 1.6
Stitch 0~650 0~650 0~650 0~650
Needle actuator 6-Section Needle Selector 8-Section Needle Selector 8-Section Needle Selector 8-Section Needle Selector
Needle bed (Insert Type )
Needle bed (Direct Milling)
Main Take Down upper roller upper roller upper roller upper roller
Auxiliary Take Down
Racking Range 4 Inch 2 Inch 2 Inch 2 Inch
Comb Device ●Standard○Optional—Nothing
Intelligent Comb
Cut Clamp + Yarn Pressing ○(Left 1) ○(Left 1) ○(Left 1)
Yarn feeder Device ●Standard○Optional—Nothing
Yarn Storage
Yarn Provider
Yarn Feeder ●Standard○Optional—Nothing
16 Yarn Feeders
Single Hole ●(12) ●(12) ●(12) ●(12)
Double Hole ●(4) ●(4) ●(4) ●(4)
Safety Device ●Standard○Optional—Nothing
Emergency Stop Device
Front Infrared Alarm
Rear Safety Doors
Electric Leakage Detection
Alarm Device ●Standard○Optional—Nothing
RollFabric (Infrared)
Infrared Probe
Striker Alarm
Yarn Breaking Alarm
Floating Yarn Alarm
Resuming Knitting After Power
Overload Alarm
Power Supply、 Power ●Standard○Optional—Nothing
220V Single Phase Electricity
380V Three Phase Electricity
Power (KW) 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5
Size And Weight ●Standard○Optional—Nothing
Length (mm) 2530 2530 2530 2530
Width (mm) 850 850 850 850
Height (mm) 1870 1870 1870 1870
Weight (kg) 825 825 825 825


l、Model explanation: "CX2-52E" means CX series model 52inch needle bed 2 system mach111e, "C-U" means smart comb, and "S" means single roller.
2、Control system: Can choose HengQiang or Raynen control system.
3、Intelligent comb machine, Standard configuration is left Cutter and clamp with yarn pressing device
4、The standard configuration 1s the factory default configuration of Cixing. If other configurations are required, they must be indicated when signing the contract.
5、The above is the configuration list of conventional models. Please consult the sales personnel for special models.
6、The above configuration may be adjusted within a certain period of time, and the final contract shall prevail.
7、 The above special accessories are the products independently developed by Cixing. It is not recommended to use the same type of products in the market. For the sake of equipment safety, it is recommended to use the original accessories of Cixing.

Feature And Application

Cixing Wool Textile Knitting Machine have dynamic stitch function, one row can support 256 variable areas without split the row, increase the diversity of pattern design; and realize the knitting of different tissues and different stitch densities in the same row. The fine adjustment function on both fabric sides can effectively solve the problem of different length and increase the flatness of fabric.


  • Display Screen

    It adopts LCD industrial touch screen with color graphical interface can display various knitting working parameters.

  • Intelligent Comb (optional)

    There is no waste yarn for fabric, which saves waste time, releases the workload of employee and greatly reduces the cost of the enterprise. The intelligent comb adopts servo closed-loop to accurately control the comb plate pulling, which solves the two different density problems of comb plate pulling and roller pulling during knitting rib. The pulling force is more uniform, can pull fabric down better, and the fabric bottom knit better.

  • System Optimization

    Continuous knitting function without cut and clamp (Intelligent Comb), yarn feeder does not need yarn in and out, so as to improve knitting efficiency. Two side needle retraction function, intelligent compressed row, reducing the number of knitting rows and improving work efficiency, The forced needle loop off function, can set the any stitch value of working section. Pattern compatible, compatible with CNT, HCD, 000, 001, RNS, SIN and other machine knitting files.

Production Process

  • Assembly
  • Pebugging
  • Packing
  • Transport

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