​From Campus to Factory, a Training Camp for Emerging Designers Competition Full of Useful Information


The 2023 Knitting Emerging Designer Competition is hosted by Xin'ao and co-organized by Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd. The designers who were shortlisted for the finals spent a fulfilling training time with their passion and desire to explore knitting.

Enter Xin'ao and experience the birth process of wool yarn up close

On the first day, the designers visited the wool yarn production site under the leadership of Xin'ao technicians. By experiencing the complete production process from raw wool to yarn at close range, they had a deep understanding of the various characteristics of wool yarn.The designers also visited different yarn dyeing process production lines. In the Xin'ao exhibition hall, designers also saw a diverse display of outstanding works from previous years and Xin'ao knitting trends.

Cixing College Technical Practice

Experience garment weaving

On the second station of the training camp, the designers came to Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd. - Cixing College. Here, designers learned about computerized flat knitting machines, pattern making, Knit to Shape and other knitted garment production knowledge. They deeply studied modern knitting technology and experienced the entire practical process from inspirational design to garment production. Under the guidance of professional pattern teachers, the designers personally experienced knitting pattern making and garment pattern making, which enriched their knowledge of knitting craftsmanship and laid the foundation for the next garment production process.

Insights from the Camp, a New Starting Point to Build the Future

On the last day, the designers shared the results of this training. Through this study, the designers not only made friends studying in the same field, but also gained deeper professional understanding and experience. From Xin'ao's wool yarn weaving to Cixing's "Knit to Shape" technology, from the natural sustainability of wool to more inspiration brought by innovative craftsmanship, designers realize that the design and production of clothing not only needs to consider fashion and aesthetics, it is more necessary to consider reducing the loss of raw materials and the recycling performance of clothing from a sustainable perspective. The professional knowledge taught by the training teachers has also brought more confidence to the designers who are about to start the garment production process.

Continuous exploration and innovation. In the future, Cixing will continue to contribute to the sustainable development of the industry.