China International Knitting Expo Showcases Innovation and Growth in Shanghai


China International Knitting Expo - Shanghai Knitwear Exhibition (PH VALUE), as part of the textile and garment industry chain, takes meeting the growing demand for knitted products and the knitting industry as its starting point and foothold. It actively promotes the high-quality development of the industry in expanding domestic demand, strengthening foreign trade, promoting innovation, and effectively utilizing the exhibition platform.

It focuses comprehensively on the new trends in the knitting/woolen sweater/cashmere sweater industry, gathering top domestic knitting industry manufacturers, including six major domestic renowned knitting industry clusters: Zhejiang Puyuan, Guangdong Dalang, Hebei Qinghe, Shandong Hai, Zhejiang Honghe, and Guangdong Chenghai. Many well-known knitting and cashmere brands gathered in the exhibition, which was radiant. Textile Knitting Machines are central to this development, ensuring superior quality and efficiency.

The exhibition showcases innovative technologies and new products, including knitted/sweater/cashmere sweaters, knitting yarns, hats/scarves, underwear/home textiles, knitted fashion, and functional knitted products. From cashmere blended long-lasting antibacterial products to paper tape yarns, latex yarns, flame retardant cotton fabrics, heterogeneous knitted acetate fabrics, silk-like burnt cotton, acetate filament, acetate cotton, bulk cotton wool, and regenerated cellulose filament... Many new products focus on appearance, demonstrating the infinite creativity and vitality of the knitting industry. Textile Knitting Machines are critical in producing these cutting-edge products, showcasing their impact on the industry.

China International Knitting Expo - Shanghai Knitwear Exhibition (PH VALUE) has become the most innovative and fashionable service platform in the knitting industry integrating trade, technology, design, and trends. It has won strong support from national knitting production enterprises, industry clusters, and brand enterprises, which is of great significance in boosting the industry, stimulating consumption, stabilizing supply and demand, and offering consumers richer and more diverse choices. Technological products, cutting-edge technologies, and innovative thinking have gained attention across the industry, comprehensively showcasing the latest achievements of China's knitting industry and jointly promoting the vigorous development of the knitting industry, creating upward momentum! Textile Knitting Machines contribute significantly to this growth, highlighting their importance in the industry.

China International Knitting Expo - Shanghai Knitwear Exhibition (PH VALUE) witnesses the breakthroughs and changes in China's knitting industry, as well as the hardships and perseverance it has experienced. After years of development, it has become a "benchmark" for the development of China's knitting industry. By promoting unified deployment, resource integration, and unified scheduling in the exhibition industry, it comprehensively enhances the functions of the exhibition as a stage for showcasing technological innovation, a window for brand building, and a platform for trade negotiations, further playing a role in connecting upstream and downstream industries to promote the upgrading of China's textile and garment industry. It fully supports and guarantees the transformation of China's textile and garment industry with stronger support. Textile Knitting Machines are pivotal in this process, ensuring the industry's continued advancement and success.



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