Cixing Carries Out Exchange Activities With Tongxiang Area


Recently, leaders of the Tongxiang Municipal Government, leaders and experts from the China Puyuan Sports Knitting Industry Innovation and Development Promotion Center, and Tongxiang enterprise representatives visited the headquarters of Cixing Company and carried out a fruitful exchange and visit. Mr. Sun Pingfan, chairman of the company, extended a warm welcome to all the guests and accompanied them to visit the company's exhibition hall and computerized flat knitting machine intelligent workshop. The visiting guests learned in detail about Cixing's corporate culture, computerized flat knitting machine development blueprint and the latest breakthroughs in knitting technology research and development. Leaders of the Tongxiang Municipal Government expressed high appreciation for the company's remarkable achievements in technological innovation, product research and development and market expansion of computerized flat knitting machines.

This visit not only deepened the exchanges and understanding between the Tongxiang government and representative enterprises, but also laid a solid foundation for cooperation between all parties in the field of sports knitting. After in-depth discussions and exchanges, all parties are confident about the development prospects of the sports knitting field and have reached a preliminary intention to cooperate. All parties will give full play to their respective advantages and work together to promote the innovative development of the sports knitting industry. This exchange meeting made it clear that the first phase of work will focus on the "city walk" urban sports field. The company will rely on its advantages in customized development and marketing of special computerized flat knitting machines to work closely with partners to achieve mutual benefit and win-win.

Looking ahead to the future, the company will continue to adhere to innovative concepts and promote the sustained and healthy development of the computerized flat knitting machines industry. We firmly believe that with the joint efforts of all parties, the field of sports knitting will usher in broader market prospects and more fruitful development achievements. Let's look forward to Cixing Group creating more exciting opportunities in the field of computerized flat knitting machines, contributing greater strength to the prosperity and development of the knitting industry in Tongxiang City, and setting a new benchmark for the industry's development.