Course Schedule of Cixing Training School in 2024


Cixing Training School was established in 2005 and has a 19 year history. It has an extremely experienced teaching team, with an average teaching experience of over 10 years among all teachers. It has trained over 50000 outstanding students and technical engineers in the computerized flat knitting machine industry.

With the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing, the application of computerized flat knitting machine technology in the textile industry is becoming increasingly widespread. In order to meet the demand of the market for talents who master computerized flat knitting machine technology, Cixing Training School has specially offered computerized flat knitting machine training courses. This course aims to help clients master advanced computerized flat knitting machine technology and enhance their professional competitiveness in the textile industry.

The advantages of Cixing's training for customers are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Professional training team: Cixing has an experienced and skilled training team that can provide customers with high-quality and efficient training services. The team members have years of experience in computer horizontal teaching and are able to design personalized teaching plans for students of different levels and needs, improving their learning outcomes.

Perfect teaching facilities: Cixing Training School has advanced computerized flat knitting machine experimental facilities, which can meet the practical operation needs of students. At the same time, the school is also equipped with modern teaching facilities, such as multimedia teaching equipment, online classrooms, etc., providing students with more convenient and efficient learning conditions.

Practical training content: Cixing training courses closely combine market demand and industry development trends, focusing on practical operations and skill enhancement. The course content covers multiple aspects of computerized flat knitting machine operation, programming, maintenance, debugging, and repair, enabling students to comprehensively master the application skills of computerized flat knitting machine.

Personalized training services: Cixing Training School focuses on personalized services and can provide customized teaching plans and course arrangements according to the needs and characteristics of different students. The school also provides online consultation, online Q&A and other services to provide students with more thoughtful and convenient learning support.

High quality teaching: Cixing Training School emphasizes the evaluation and feedback of teaching quality and effectiveness. Through regular teaching inspections, quality evaluations, and other means, timely identification and improvement of problems in teaching are carried out to ensure the learning effectiveness and quality of students.

The course content is mainly divided into machine repair and programming, and different training courses are arranged according to different customer needs. Through training, customers can proficiently master the operating skills of computerized flat knitting machine, including programming, debugging, maintenance, and other skills, improving production efficiency and product quality.

Basic knowledge of computerized flat knitting machine: Introduce the composition, working principle, and operation interface of computer flat knitting machine;

Basic operational skills: Teach students how to correctly install yarn, set parameters, operate control panels, etc.

Weaving techniques and techniques: Explain the weaving techniques of different fabrics, such as intarsia, jacquard, cable, pointel, plate,structure and swelling, as well as the corresponding weaving techniques.

Common problems and solutions: Provide answers and guidance for customers who encounter problems during the operation process.

Maintenance and upkeep: Introduce the daily maintenance and upkeep methods of computerized flat knitting machine to ensure their normal operation.

Case analysis and practical exercises: By analyzing practical cases and conducting practical exercises, we aim to improve the practical operational and problem-solving abilities of our clients.

The schedule of the 2024 Cixing training course is as follows:

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