​The 20th "Knitting Fair" Opened, and Cixing Knit to Shape became the hot issue


The 20th "Knitting Fair" was grandly held in Dalang Town from November 7th to 9th. As the pioneer area of the world-class woolen industry cluster and the regional core of the textile fashion industry in the Greater Bay Area, Dalang's demonstration role will be further highlighted. The newly upgraded "Intelligent Manufacturing Pavilion" of Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd. displays the highly competitive Knit to Shape computerized flat knitting machine jointly developed by Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd. and Swiss Steiger. "A whole sweater can be knitted with just one piece of wool", which demonstrates the company's advanced technical strength and innovative R&D capabilities, adding color to the "Knitting Fair".

On the first day of the "Knitting Fair", Cixing Intelligent Manufacturing Museum attracted many visitors to consult and communicate. Sun Ruizhe, President of the China Textile and Apparel Federation, and members of the federation came to visit. Sun Pingfan, Chairman of Cixing, personally received the reception and introduced the Knit to Shape computerized flat knitting machine developed and exhibited by Cixing to the leaders. He said: "In order to fully meet the urgent demand for intelligent manufacturing in the transformation and upgrading process of the knitting machinery industry, a large number of intelligent series products were showcased on site, with a continuous stream of new and high-quality products. Including KS3 series Knit to Shape computerized flat knitting machine and STG860 classic series, these represent the highest level of Knit to Shape flat knitting machine technology today, let different customers to have better choices."

The new Steiger KS3 series Knit to Shape computerized flat knitting machine adopts an industry-leading Steiger system, using combs, auxiliary rollers, and flexible traction devices to achieve Knit to Shape without complex processes such as cuffing and stitching. The needle bed design can achieve the formation of various double-sided fabrics for needle sending, retracting, and releasing, meeting various patterns, and forming a uniform and good appearance structure at the retracting and releasing needle positions. It is worth mentioning that this model has the finest gauge developed first in China, achieving full needle knitting and maximizing high-density knitting.

At present, Steiger Knit to Shape computerized flat knitting machine, the first "Knit to Shape" technology can almost represent the highest level in the industry. It can not only reduce the sewing process, save labor and costs, but also improve the comfort of the wearer. Knit to Shape technology can complete the knitting of the entire garment and present it directly to customers in a three-dimensional manner, eliminating the expensive and time-consuming back-end stitching process and realizing true "what you see is what you get" knitting of 3D tissue, making production more efficient. More elastic, more efficient, more perfect coils.

Meanwhile, the clothes knitted by Cixing Knit to Shape equipment are bright and eye-catching. Knitted clothes with the latest popular styles and knitting techniques present many trendy and avant-garde knitted works, which become a beautiful scenery at the exhibition. Dresses, suits, coats, and skirts all exude a comfortable and fashionable atmosphere; each turtleneck, V-neck, round neck, and one-line collar is unique and modern; Special organizational patterns such as insertions, interlining, and hollows all demonstrate the advanced cutting-edge of computerized flat knitting machine technology, igniting a new trend in autumn-winter wear and unlocking a new trend in beautiful wear!

As a listed enterprise in the intelligent knitting machinery industry with independent research and continuous technological innovation capabilities, Cixing grasps the development pulse of the clothing industry at a critical moment in the era of development, bases itself on the fashion industry chain, focuses on international innovation, and constantly innovates according to industry and market changes, leading the Chinese textile and clothing industry to be at the forefront of fashion.