Four Systems Collar Flat Knitting Machine
- Collar Flat Knitting Machine

Four Systems Collar Flat Knitting Machine


Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd. is a world-leading manufacturer of computerized flat knitting machines with strong self-development capabilities. Our R&D team is composed of more than 100 high-tech talents, and produces the most advanced machines according to market pain points and user needs, so as to realize the industrial upgrading of the entire industry.The Four Systems Collar Flat Knitting Machine can produce dozens of different collars with high efficiency and high quality
Product Description

Four Systems Collar Flat Knitting Machine

Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd. shares were successfully listed in 2012. It is the only listed company in the computerized flat knitting machine industry in China, and Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd. has many advanced patents, of which, a number of technologies to reach the international advanced level, the level of product technology and quality has always maintained the forefront of the industry. Four Systems Collar Flat Knitting Machine is single carriage with triple or quadruple systems and double systems and double roller takedown model. Full motor ultra-small carriage, motorized transfer cam, rapid return, carriage does not wait when transfer needles, racking with double direction function, effectively reducing carriage route and course, greatly improving Four Systems Collar Flat Knitting Machine stability and efficiency. The main and auxiliary rollers cooperate with each other in Four Systems Collar Flat Knitting Machine, and the perfect combination of traction and dynamic stitch function can effectively improve the problem of different length of the collar and increase the flatness of the collar. Four Systems Collar Flat Knitting Machine has new two-section stitch, which realizes the independent control of the main and auxiliary stitch without increasing the number of motors. Compared with the dynamic stitch function, Four Systems Collar Flat Knitting Machine can achieve one needle change and a wider stitch density range, so as to meet the higher requirements of different customers for fabrics. Automatic oiling function, the system the system sets the refueling time and automatically lubricates the spring needle and jack, greatly improving the service life of the Four Systems Collar Flat Knitting Machine.

Product Parameters( Specification ) of the Four Systems Collar Flat Knitting Machine

KC Series 14G、16G、17G、18G
Basic Parameters●Standard○0ptiona1─Nothing
Control System HengQiang HengQiang
Knitting System Three systems Four systems
Needle Bed Width 36 Inch 36 Inch
Small Carriage
Motorized Carriage
Machine Speed(m/sec) 1.6 1.6
Stitch 0~650 0~650
Actuactor 8-section needle selector 8-section needle selector
Inversion Bar Motorized inversion bar Motorized inversion bar
Main Take Down Upper roller Upper roller
Auxiliary Take Down DC brush torque motor DC brush torque motor
Racking Range 2Inch 2Inch
Sinker Normal Normal
Cut And Clamp
Yarn Deliver Device●Standard○0ptional—Nothing
Yarn Provider
Yarn Feeder●Standard○0ptiona1─Nothing
16 Yarn Feeders
Single Hole ●(12) ●(8)
Double Hole ●(4) ●(8)
Safety Device●Standard○0ptiona1─Nothing
Emergency Stop Device
Front And Rear Safety Doors
Infrared Alarm
Electric Leakage Detection
Alarm Device●Standard○0ptiona1─Nothing
Roll Fabric(Infrared)
Infrared Probe
Striker Alarm
Yarn Breaking Alarm
Floating Yarn Alarm
Resuming Knitting After Power Failure
Overload Alarm
Auto oiling\Power Supply\Power●Standard○0ptiona1─Nothing
Auto Refueling
220V Single Phase Electricity
380V Three Phase Electricity
Power(kw) 1.5 1.5
Size And Weight
Length(mm) 2600 2600
Width(mm) 940 940
Height(mm) 2010 2010
Weight(kg) 1250 1250
Note: 1、Model explanation:“KC”means knit collar model machine,“36”means 36 inch needle bed, and“S”means double roller take down machine.
2、The standard configuration is the factory default configuration of Cixing. If other configurations are required, they must be indicated when signing the contract.
3、The above is the configuration list of conventional models. Please consult the sales personnel for special models.
4、The above configuration may be adjusted within a certain period of time, and the final contract shall prevail.
5、The above special accessories are the products independently developed by Cixing. It is not recommended to use the same type of products in the market. For the sake of equipment safety, it is recommended to use the original accessories of Cixing.

Product Feature And Application of the Four Systems Collar Flat Knitting Machine

The Four Systems Collar Flat Knitting Machine has using CANI communication control,can achieve the rapid rotation and direction changing of the machine head,accurate positioning,smooth commutation.Four Systems Collar Flat Knitting Machine could make raglan sleeve,set - in sleeve,saddle shoulder,square neck,crew neck,scoop neck....

Production Details of the Four Systems Collar Flat Knitting Machine

  • Auxiliary Roller Take Down

    The design of larger and thicker winding wheel can fully meet the higher requirements of double-sided fabric for pulling force and enhance the stability of pulling.

  • Touch Screen

    It adopts LCD industrial touch screen with color graphical interface, can display various knitting working parameters.

  • Super Small Carriage

    Reduce the carriage return distance and improve the knitting efficiency. Four systems of small carriage multiple knitting actions are executed at the same time in a row, which greatly improves the working efficiency of the machine.

  • All Motor Drive Design

    The motor drive is used instead of electromagnet tocontrol CAM action, which can effectively avoid the needle damage caused by CAM mechanical sticking.

  • Two Stage Stitch Density

    With two-section stitch density control, each knitting needle can instantly change the tightness of the knitting circle when needed.

  • Motorized Inversion Bar

    Stepper motor drive inversion bar, it reduces carriage return distance and improves carriage return accuracy and efficiency.

  • Yarn Deliver and Clamping

    Cooperate with Actively yarn deliver and yarn clamping assembly to ensure the consistency of yarn conveying and yarn tension.

Production Process
  • Assembly
  • Pebugging
  • Packing
  • Transport
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