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Since Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd. establishment in 1988, Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd. has worked hard in the industry for more than 30 years, becoming a leading computerized flat knitting machine brand in China, and promoting the development and progress of the textile industry in China and the world.Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd. continue to focus on the intelligent manufacturing industry chain, and produce and develop the latest Edge To Edge Knitting Sweater Machine
Product Description

Edge To Edge Knitting Sweater

The Edge To Edge Knitting Sweater Machine cloud management system developed by Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd. adopts the latest Internet and multi-channel data interaction technology, and manages mobile phones, computers, flat knitting machines online shopping mall and other terminal work through production cluster management and production statistics, status alarms, and mode concurrency. The operator and the intelligent interactive management system realize the needle intelligent weaving equipment.

This Edge To Edge Knitting Sweater Machine has fast production speed, intelligent comb device, dynamic needle bed, automatic start and stop of rollers, intelligent heading optimization and other functions. The Edge To Edge Knitting Sweater Machine can realize forced stripping and double-sided stitching. Roller, high-strength needle, multi-gauge and other functions, the research and development of Edge To Edge Knitting Sweater Machine has led the development of the knitting industry.

Product Parameters( Specification ) of the Edge To Edge Knitting Sweater Machine

Basic parameters: - None ○ Optional ● Standard
System 2 system
Number of needles (pieces) 168
Inch 56
Speed 1.9
5.2inch carriage -
Rack range 2 inches
Selection 3 section needle selector
Sinker Crossed
Stitch 0-800
Carriage return Motor commutation
Main roller High position roller
Sub roller -
Guage: - None ○ Optional ● Standard
Comb: - None ○ Optional ● Standard
Scissors ●(2)
Smart comb device
Yarn supplier: - None ○ Optional ● Standard
Yarn storage
Yarn supplier
Yarn feeder: - None ○ Optional ● Standard
8 sets yarn feeder -
16 sets yarn feeder
Single hole
Double hole
Safety set: - None ○ Optional ● Standard
Emergent stop
Front case
Back case
Electric leakage test
Alarm set: - None ○ Optional ● Standard
Rolling cloth alarm (infrared)
Rolling cloth alarm (detection board)
Yarn test
Firing pin
Power off memory function
Operation: - None ○ Optional ● Standard
Hengqiang -
Ruineng -
Logica -
Size & Weight: - None ○ Optional ● Standard
Length 3.3m
Width 1.1m
Height 2m
Weight 1340kg
Power、Air pressure: - None ○ Optional ● Standard
220V Single phase(50/60Hz)
380V Three-phase(50/60Hz)
Power(KW) 1.5KW
Air pressure 0.6-0.8MPA

Product Feature And Application of the Edge To Edge Knitting Sweater Machine

The Edge To Edge Knitting Sweater Machine has a far higher efficiency than other flat knitting machines when producing complex patterns and knitting pieces with many movements, and the software plate making function is powerful and the operation process is simple.

Production Details of the Edge To Edge Knitting Sweater Machine

  • Fast Speed

    The maximum machine speed of the merino wool textile knitting machine reaches 1.9m/s, which greatly refreshes the knitting efficiency.

  • Smart Comb Device

    Normal fabric can be direct knitting without the waste yarn, saving the time of withdraw waste yarn from the fabric by manually and the cost of waste yarn, reducing half of operator, saving time and labor cost.

  • Roller Automatically Starts and Stops

    Roller automatically starts and stops: When the fabric checks that the tension is too large or too small, the system will automatically adjust the motor to rotate or not to ensure the consistency of the fabric’s tension during the knitting process.

  • Smart Course Optimization

    For the fabric with more narrowing, complex patterns and more movements by racking, which can be greatly reduced of carriage running, mostly up to half.

  • Forced Knocking Over Function

    All needle knitting and half milano fabric are prone to the industry problem of tuck stitch phenomenon, which can be broken by forced knocking over function. Just under the intelligent system, start stop engine system, to ensure that the fabric does not have tuck stitch problems.

  • Bilateral Stitch Function

    The tightness of fabric stitch can be controlled, just input few figures, can adjust the length of fabric two sides without manual repair, which improves the stability and consistency of the production.

  • Dynamic Needle Bed

    When knitting, needle bed not only can move left and right, also can move down and up automatically to make the fabric more loose or tight and easy to fill in.

  • Intelligent Program

    Optimize program, jacquard, intarsia, and partial jacquard with only one layer of representation. No need for two layers or three layers. Enter any image to complete the plate making. There are special narrowing symbols for full needles, 2x1 needles, etc., which are the same as single-sided program, and do not need to make small maps to greatly optimize the operation process of the program personnel and improve production efficiency.

  • Needle

    Compare with the usual needle, the high-strength needle will not be easily broken and deformed.

  • Multi-gauge Design

    It can realize a variety gauge of fabrics by one machine, means one machine can knit more gauges of fabric. Currently, this merino wool textile knitting machine have following gauges: 3gauge、3.5gauge,etc.

  • Safety

    Optical safety door, machine will stop when hand touching in order to avoid accident.

  • Bilayer High Roller

    Fabrics can adjust fabric thickness and tension with this function. (Optional)

Production Process

  • Assembly
  • Pebugging
  • Packing
  • Transport

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